Yaak, MT

Yaak, Montana, also known as “The Yaak”, is Montana’s farthest northwest community.  Still today it is one of the most remote and untouched lands in the State of Montana.   The majority of The Yaak is owned by US Forest Service.  Only a small fraction of the land is owned privately, making the sight of civilization few and far between. 

The small number of people, approximately 500, who are lucky enough to call The Yaak home, enjoy the solitude of the rugged, remote, mountainous area.  Power and phone are supplied to some of the Yaak residents, while the remaining Yaak Residents live “Off The Grid”.  If you are interested in purchasing Yaak Montana  Residential Real Estate or Yaak Montana Vacant Land Real Estate please view our Residential Listings page and our Land Listings page or the local MLS page.

The Yaak was named after the Yaak River which flows throughout the heart of the mountainous area.  “Yaak” is the Indian word for arrow.  The Yaak River offers excellent fishing and breathtaking scenery.   Over the last 10 years guided fishing trips along the Yaak River have become a popular demand.

Yaak Area Photos